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Please see our SERVICES page as new prices are in effect and slightly different service packages. Updated January 2017.

NO CAGE/FAMILY LIVING DOG BOARDING – specialize in canine pack psychology. Go on vacation and leave your dog in a family home that is structured to satisfy all canine needs.

DOGGIE DAYCARE – polite canine socialization, play, exercise and learning while you are at work or away for the day. Its like sending your dog to school. Social, organized. safe and structured environment

DAYCARE AND TRAIN – Leave your dog with me during your workday Monday to Friday. I will integrate her/ him into my pack, establish a daily routine, gain respect and a polite balanced mindset. My dog psychology training as pack leader will calm and satisfy your dog. My pack and I have transformed many out of control / disrespectful dogs into social, obedient and happy family pets.

HUMAN AND DOG TRAINING 101- I will teach you what I know about dogs using your dog as an example. You will learn how to gain your dogs respect, trust and love as a pack leader. Dogs “follow” their leaders with willing co-operation. Canines have shared with me how deeply and loyal their bond to us can be. I can show you how to have that same bond with your dog.

DOG GROOMING / DAYCARE package- Leave your dog for the day to socialize and play then enjoy a bath, blow dry and hair cut and style from our in-house groomer.

DOG GROOMING / BOARDING package - Book your dog for a week to stay with us and recieve full grooming for half the normal price at a regular groomer. You dogs goes home happy and clean.

We pride ourselves in fulfilling your pets needs, as well as caring for them. We take detailed information so that we know how to keep you worry free and your pets stress free while you are away. We desire to establish relationships with our clients and their furry family.

We require a meet in greet with all new clients to assess their dogs and to meet our pack. We do not take walk in’s. Once you are part of the Grateful Stride extended pack, we will take your dog on short notice.

Canadian Ambassador for dog pack psychology in Ontario. We teach humans how to truly understand their dogs and inspire willing obedience leading to a balanced and fulfilled canine.


Grateful Stride Services


All dogs must be spayed or neutured after 1 year old to stay with me.

Dogs must be flea-free and in good health.

A Meet and Greet process is applied to screen for behavior and temperment.

I am an advocate of RAW feeding / species appropriate diet / natural treatments. However, we do require rabies vaccine by law.

OVERNIGHT DOG BOARDING – $35/NIGHT/ $60 for 2 dogs.– $50/night for pups under 1 year for 24 hour period. Your dog will be integrated into my pack of 2 males using dog pack psychology. We have a daily routine that is geared towards polite social interaction, walks, obedience games to satisfy mental and physical needs.

7am -9am - Walk, obedience games and team activities
9am - 10am - Breakfast
10am- 1pm Relaxation - dogs are asked to stay in a dog bed. relaxation removes nervousness, stress and relieves anxiety.
1pm - 3pm - social play, train and exercise
3pm -5pm - Dinner time / Daycare dogs get to cuddle with me before home time.
7pm - 8pm - play session
8pm - 10pm - TV cuddle time with other dogs and humans. 10pm - Bedtime

DOGGIE DAY CARE – $25 /day / $120 – 5 days /$70 – 3 days a week / 2 dogs -40 / day -- Socialization, play, walking and learning from older dogs and a good human pack leader will help to balance your dog while you are at work or away for the day. I play breed satisfying games to help the dog use its natural talents and encourage mentoring from my older and wiser dogs. A satisfied dog = a calm balanced dog.

DOG DAYCARE SCHOOL FOR DOGS - Monday to Friday $150 for a daycare & training package -- Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash, come when called, learn to stay in a dog bed after activity. My routine teaches a dog to live in a calm cooperative state of mind. This state of mind makes any training easy. I can pass on the information to you in a 1.5 hour session at the end of the week so you can gain the same obedience at home.

DOG AND HUMAN TRAINING - 1.5 hour session - $50 -- The key to training your dog is learning how to get its respect. Once a dog respects you it will give you willing obedience. You will have his/ her attention and therefore a focused student. We can work on whatever behavior you wish to see. I will show you how to communicate to your dog successfully which will build an awesome relationship.

DOG GROOMING WITH SHEILA - Your dog will be bathed with hypoallergenic shampoo, blow dried, hair styled and cut, nails dremel, ears and eyes cleaned, hair conditioned, and anal glands done on request.

FIRST GROOMING IS FREE - with 5 days of daycare OR one full week of boarding completed.

DAYCARE PLUS GROOM - $60 - a full day of daycare and a full grooming package.

OVERNIGHT BOARDING PLUS GROOM - $250 - One week of boarding plus a groom near the end of stay.

We require an interview and meeting process ( Meet & Greet) that helps us all get to know each other before you go away. You could also leave your dog for a daycare before you board with us so your dog can get comfortable with us before you leave them overnight. We look forward to forming a relationship with our clients built on trust and responsibility so that we can help you care for your dog throughout their lives. Once your dog is part of our extended pack, you can drop the dog off with us on short notice. Your dog will love it here and you never have to worry about its care and comfort.


About Grateful Stride & Lori Reynolds

I have always had a deep love and respect for animals. I spent hours daily as a child quietly observing wild and domestic animal behavior.

I adopted a Ridgeback / Plotthound mix named Dango almost 12 years ago and quickly discovered that he was a very special dog. He was born a natural pack leader (only 8% of canines possess the confidence, smarts and skills to lead a pack). Dango made his own decisions which did not include obeying me as I'm sure he thought he knew better. I took many months to educate myself in dog psychology, behavior and rituals to be able to WIN his respect, trust and love. I convinced him to willingly follow me as I proved myself worthy to be his pack leader. I began to use my knowledge to help other people learn how to gain willing obedience from their dogs also and with Dango's help I built a business out of it. He worked with me by my side his entire life to help balance and teach other dogs. Sadly, I lost him to bone cancer in Feb. 2015. He was the love of my life and his fair calm balanced energy will live on forever through me and his brothers Buddy and Jerry who continue to work beside me. Buddy, - 11 year old border collie / husky mix who is my warden and pup raiser and Jerry - 9 year old Decker Rat Terrier who is my exercise and play assistant.

I adopted a new Plott Hound / Viszla pup in April of 2015. He was born Nov. 8 2014. His name is Duke. He is a bundle of energy mixed with cuddly sweetness. I am concentrating on his training and socialization so for the first time in many years I am accepting puppies to my boarding /daycare that are as young as 5 months old. Duke is learning respectful polite canine behavior from his older brothers and towards humans due to my training. He is quite a clown, friendly with medium confidence, he will become the perfect side kick for all of my canine services. Unfortunately, Duke developed Grand Mal seizure disorder which we managed to control for 8 months before it finally claimed his life. His sweet spirit lives on in my heart. I can dedicate all of my time to my clients dogs now. We still have my groomers dogs Buddy and Jerry who have years experience caring for other dogs to help manage the pack. They are valued members.

I practice canine fulfillment. A satisfied dog is a calm obedient one. I know what a dog truly needs to be content, relaxed and productive pack member.(family members). Dogs need exercise to drain their physical energy and discipline to calm their minds as dog packs follow fair rules, routines and rituals to keep all members peaceful and happy. Lastly, the reward for calm submissive behavior is affection.

Human beings tend to raise dogs like human children giving affection first. This is the main reason for most undesirable canine behavior. Affection intensifies any state of mind a dog is in and encourages it. So, I teach my clients to give affection at the right times to encourage and reward good behavior.

Bad behavior is interrupted immediately to indicate it is undesirable to pack leader but no negative emotion is every used. A calm assertive correction in the exact moment of the mistake will end unwanted behavior quickly and gain you high status in your dogs eyes, resulting in respect and trust. Pack leaders are admired, willingly followed and deeply loved by their packs. You will discover a new way to relate to your dog which does not include bridery with treats but true willing obedience out of love and adoration when you use leadership techniques in the same way that canines themselves use them. Learn how to speak dog and discover a whole knew world designed by nature to create balance.

We at Grateful Stride understand how stressful leaving your pets to work, or go on vacation can be. They are cherished family members and deserve educated devoted care while you are away. That is why I started this business back in 2007. Happy pets and peace of mind for their owners. My secondary goal is to share the knowledge and skills that I have devloped from dealing daily with dog packs to improve canine / human relationships. Dogs live in the moment they do not bother with past or future. That is their gift to us. Joy in every minute. Our gift to them is to give them what they need to be fulfilled. A stress free content life with a calm assertive leader.


Lori Reynolds

Proud to be a Dog Pack Psychology Ambassador in Ontario Canada

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